Overarching philosophy

Yield to longevity

Our firm belief in focusing on clients and their long-term
goals drives our diversification across time-tested
strategies while expressing all desired allocation targets.

The playground

Meeting vs.
beating the market

Active vs. passive is an ongoing debate we won't settle on this page. At Equinum we view both as contributory disciplines to a healthy, balanced approach. Passive components offer lower fees and minimal tracking error, while active strategies can generate alpha and focus on absolute returns. Skillfully combined, our approach achieves the best of both worlds:

Low turnover investing
No impulse buys/reactive sells
Stable long-term upside
Lower fees, stronger compounding
Greater lifelong predictability
Your edge

Equinum Nexus Formula

Most investors look for diversity in companies, sectors and asset classes. At Equinum we believe diversity should go much deeper than that, with real diversification exhibited across investment philosophies and methodologies. Our objective? To harness many strategic and tactical advantages in your favor.
That ideal drives our passively active approach, which entails a passive-at-its-core portfolio laced with a layer of actively managed ETFs. The result is a performance-oriented model that incentivizes you and your wealth team to abide by your custom Equinum plan. That consistency, more than anything, fuels long-term success.
E pluribus, pauci

Out of many, some

We employ a handful of strategies that have stood the test of time.

Dividend Aristocrats

Dividends don’t lie. And companies that grow their dividends tend to outperform others - with lower volatility. Aristocrats are defined as those that raised theirs, each year for at least 25 years running.

Founder-Led Companies

The vision, inspiration and entrepreneurial characteristics of a founder can drive fearless innovation and long-term success. Chosen properly, companies with such leaders usually outperform their respective benchmarks.

Hedged Currency

When diversifying in international markets, the foreign currency exchange also bears risk. One time-tested answer is 'hedging out' the currency exposure by buying futures contracts on the foreign currency at a locked rate.

Initial Public Offerings

IPOs generate significant media publicity, especially when billion-dollar 'unicorns' go public. Managing the hype is tough, but our quants and analysts are immersed in finding those that may belong in your portfolio.

Event-Driven Investing

Important corporate events such as a mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs, special dividends or leveraged buybacks can create enormous shareholder value. Opportunistic investors favor these for absolute returns beyond overall market fluctuations.

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