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The best financial concepts are those that pan out.
Own your future with goal-based wealth management
by financial advisors with strong fiduciary duties.

Equinum: Invested in answers

The life you built is a foundation for the life you imagine. At Equinum we believe goals are meant to be reached and it begins with asking harder and smarter questions.

Once we learn where you belong, we leverage a fusion of historical data and client perspective, designing a custom wealth plan with proven strategies to answer your most demanding dreams.

Wealth meets wisdom

Behavioral consistency, not investment volume, remains the key contributor to generational success. Take the long-term view and discover how market volatility proves more opportunity than risk.

Outperforming average

Rather than gamble with Wall Street whims, build the ideal balance of active and passive strategies. Over your portfolio lifecycle, this is the kind of smart thinking that often outperforms even riskier plays.

All interests aligned

Our model is to serve, not sell. Your performance is the ultimate incentive, so we eliminate commissions, mutual funds with loads or 12B-1 fees, and proprietary products: We grow with your balance.

A lifelong relationship

Your wealth is in good hands. From crafting your custom plan, to sticking to its doctrine, to shepherding your success across the generations, Equinum is management made for legacy.

Building, managing
and growing wealth for:


Turning high-net-worth into Ultra high net worth with investment strategies, working along your tax professional, and succession planning.

Organized groups

We empower corporations for posterity and talent retention, and help non-profits maximize impact.

Family offices

Global market access, off-market opportunities, private foundations, charity trusts, and beyond.

Be advised:
The future is yours
for the making